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Open Space Classroom Articles

By Christina Moore

It is interesting that Open Space classrooms are so readily promoted in the K-12 arena, but don’t apply well to corporate learning spaces.

Open Space Classrooms K-12:

Open Space Classrooms Corporate:

2 thoughts on “Open Space Classroom Articles”

  1. The idea of an open classroom environment is very interesting. As an educator I am very supportive of this new movement but do worry about how distracting it could/would be for some students.


    1. I think that open spaces do work better at the K-12, and Higher Ed levels, rather than in corporate settings. It is super distracting when you have to make phone calls, or read in a noisy location. I’ll bet that certain learners would struggle with this at the K-12 level especially (such as learning disabilities like dyslexia or ADD).


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